Our greatest failure

Our original idea was to turn the vehicle into a home that meets the customer's needs in all aspects, but we never imagined what was about to happen

We have been creating gifts for Mercedes-Benz customers in Israel for many years. The target audience is equally diverse here as elsewhere, including young high-tech professionals as well as old-fashioned businessmen, lawyers, and mafia bosses. People who want to win some star dust will always be attracted to the familiar star.
The year before the Covid19 outbreak, we attempted to come up with a gift set that defined S Class customers as business people who travelled the world a lot. The idea was to diversify the vehicle as a home for them, which meets their needs in all aspects. In the first gift, the car became a portable closet. The kit was designed to be used on the road and taken along when they flew, as well as become brand ambassadors on wreck trips around the world.
Our luxury box features a leather case for a button-down shirt and tie or jewelry, a folding hanger, a laundry bag, as well as an additional case that can hold makeup, a razor, and accessories. The box was designed to fit replacement shoes, with the slogan "Home is where your Mercedes is.".
The production took about a year. In order to challenge all raw materials, we created everything out of black Nappa leather, and on the lining, we printed an iconography that demonstrates its use. We chose UV SELECTIVE, which is used commonly on paper but hasn't been used yet on fabric. The result was spectacular, but just as the goods were being shipped, the plague broke out all over the globe, and the world as we knew it ceased to exist. It wasn't something we could have predicted. Nobody saw it coming. The house has become a refuge for everyone - high-tech professionals, old fashioned businessmen, lawyers and mafia bosses. None of them need buttoned-down shirt anymore. The car was left in the parking lot without any consideration for its series and brand. This slogan became a worn-out joke. The gift sat in the warehouses waiting for normality, and was eventually replaced by a medium-class whiskey that appealed to all customers.
It will take a while before the most beautiful gift designed for the brand emits stardust, but we will no longer create soft Nappa leather products. In our next challenge, we used recycled tires rather than leather.
After all, it's a brand new world.